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John Halliday

Senior Program and Policy Specialist

M.Ed., Counseling, Suffolk University
BA, Sociology, Suffolk University

John Halliday's current activities include a significant role in the national Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Vocational Rehabilitation (VR-RRTC), the VR Rehabilitation Research and Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) and director of the statewide vocational counseling program with the Massachusetts TANF program. He provides technical assistance and training on Ticket to Work, VR management including partnerships and financing.

ICI publications by John Halliday

Trends and Emerging Issues Regarding SSA/VR Reimbursements for SSI/SSDI Recipients

This brief discusses the declining amount of reimbursement paid to public VR agencies from federal fiscal year (FFY) 2002 to FFY 2005 by considering the impact that fewer claims submitted and a rising SGA level may have on the amount of reimbursement paid. (7/2006)

Economic Engagement: An Avenue to Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

This report summarizes the findings of a panel of experts convened by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and charged with identifying key strategies that would support increased workforce participation by persons with disabilities served and supported through state-based Medicaid Buy-In programs. (10/2004)

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