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Cindy Thomas Takes on ICI Director Role

Director Cindy Thomas

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Cindy Thomas as the new Director of the Institute for Community Inclusion as of November 1!

Cindy has decades of experience in supporting community-based employment and building the capacity of disability support systems to increase inclusion. As Interim Director for the past year, as Associate Director since 2016, and in her long-term role as Coordinator of Employment Services, Training, and Technical Assistance, she has been a true leader at the ICI.

“Cindy was simply the best candidate for this position,” said Dr. Sheila Fesko, the Associate Dean and Director of the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development at UMass Boston, where the ICI is housed. “Her strengths are many—she is a skilled consensus builder, a great listener, an able problem solver, fair, talented, detailed, and passionate about our mission.”

The entire SGISD and ICI faculty and staff congratulate Cindy, and look forward to working with her in her new leadership role!

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