Areas of Emphasis

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Building a rewarding career in the community should be an expectation for all citizens. With support and planning, people with significant disabilities can thrive in the workplace.

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From pre-K through university, schools are engaging and involving students with a range of disabilities. By building skills early, young people can exit high school prepared to pursue higher education and find jobs that match their interests.

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Community Life

Outside of work and school, people with disabilities are involved in a wide range of activities that make up a satisfying life. Whether it’s volunteering at a music festival, getting involved with a faith community, or attending a sports event, there’s much more to life than a job.

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Health Care

Accessing quality health care enables us to live productively and to receive support when facing mental, behavioral, or physical challenges. For people with disabilities, equitable health care can require additional advocacy and planning.

New at ICI

Inclusion Illuminated: The Transformational Rehabilitation Leadership Training (TRLT): A dynamic approach to consumer-responsive VR services

The Transformational Rehabilitation Leadership Training (TRLT) is a training program for current and aspiring leaders in vocational rehabilitation (VR). The goal of the TRLT is leadership enhancement that results in inclusive, career-oriented…

US Government Accountability Office highlights ICI research in report on competitive integrated employment

Competitive integrated employment (CIE) is employment that pays employees at or above minimum wage and is performed in integrated settings, among people with and without disabilities. It is still legal in many states for employers to pay people with…

Become a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Leader with our Transformational Rehabilitation Leader Training!

In partnership with the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) and the University of Wisconsin-Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI), the ICI is proud to announce the Transformational Rehabilitation Leader Training…