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Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

Senior Research Associate

B.A., Mathematics, Boston College
S.M., Environmental Engineering
S.M., Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Social Policy, Brandeis University

Jennifer Sulewski is PI of the Community Life Engagement project, a NIDILRR-funded Field Initiated Project to study how to support engagement of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their communities. She has been involved as a researcher and evaluator on numerous ICI projects since 2001, including the Think College National Coordinating Center, Future Quest Island, Access to Integrated Employment, and the Massachusetts Medicaid Infrastructure and Comprehensive Employment Opportunities project (Work Without Limits).

ICI publications by Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

Indicators for Improving Educational, Employment, and Economic Outcomes for Youth and Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The following report summarizes available national data on educational, employment and economic outcomes for youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) over the years 2000-2010. These data can be used to benchmark progress in improving these outcomes for young adult population across the country and within individual states. Data is reported separately for two age groups of young adults (16-21 and 22-30) in order to capture possible differences between youth likely to still be receiving school services (through age 21) and those who have moved on from the education system. (10/2012)

Shifting Resources Away from Sheltered Workshops in Vermont

Over six years, regulations in Vermont gradually restricted and eventually prohibited the use of state funds for sheltered workshops or enclaves. Concurrent with the change in funding regulations, the state worked with providers to convert the remaining sheltered workshops in Vermont. (1/2007)

Massachusetts Employment and Disability Snapshot Report, 2000-2005

The second in an annual series of snapshot reports on the employment of people with disabilities in Massachusetts. (11/2006)

Massachusetts Employment and Disability Snapshot Report, 2000-2004 (Report 1)

This is the first in an annual series of snapshot reports on the employment of people with disabilities in Massachusetts. It offers an overview of trends in employment of people with disabilities for people with disabilities, advocates, policymakers, researchers, and other interested parties. (4/2006)

Community-Based Non-Work Services: Findings from the National Survey of Day and Employment Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities

As community-based services for adults with developmental disabilities develop, one category remains underexplored: community-based non-work (CBNW). Findings from an ICI survey show that while CBNW is a growing part of the service mix, its definitions and requirements remain fuzzy. (1/2006)

Select outside publications by Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

Sulewski, J.S., (2016). Conversion to Integrated Employment & Community Life Engagement. APSE Conference, Cincinnati, OH.

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Sulewski, J.S., (2015). Poster presentation: Community Life Engagement/Transitions to Work. UMass Boston Community Engaged Partnerships Symposium, Boston, MA.

Sulewski, J.S., Boeltzig, H., & Hasnain, R. (2011). Art and disability: Intersecting identities among young artists with disabilities. Disability Studies Quarterly 32(1). Available at dsq-sds.org

Sulewski, J.S. (2011). In Search of Meaningful Daytimes: Case Studies of Community-Based Nonwork Supports. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities 35(1-2), 39-54.

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Metzel, D.S., Boeltzig, H., Sulewski, J.S., Butterworth, J., & Gilmore, D.S. (2007). Achieving Community Membership through Community Rehabilitation Providers Services: Are We There Yet? Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 45(3), 149-160.

Sulewski, J.S., Gilmore, D.S., and Foley, S.M. (2006). Medicaid and employment of people with disabilities: Findings from the national survey of state systems and employment for people with disabilities. Journal of Disability Policy Studies 17(3), 158-165.

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