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Joe Marrone

Senior Program Manager for Public Policy

B.A., Lemoyne College
M.Ed., Northeastern University

Joe Marrone is a Senior Program Manager for Public Policy at the Institute for Community Inclusion/ UMASS BOSTON and is also Coordinator of Training/ TA at the NIDRR funded Vocational Rehabilitation and VR Management RRTCs based at ICI and the RSA funded 5 year research grant on helping SSDI recipients achieve economic self sufficiency. He has also been a Deputy administrator of a large CMHC in WA as well as having a 17 year career in public VR. He is on editorial boards of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, the American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Psychiatric Services.. He has consulted, trained, & lectured in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Asia, and Europe. He was a member of two nationally appointed Primary Study Groups (15 persons appointed annually) by the U.S. Dept of Education, RSA Commissioner – once in 1990 and again in 2004, in the area of "Innovative Practices in Vocational Rehabilitation with People with Psychiatric Disabilities" as well as a member of a previous primary study group for the IRI on "The Provision of Technical Assistance Services in Vocational Rehabilitation".

Mr. Marrone is currently most involved in projects related to national technical assistance and keynote presentations on policy and programmatic design issues related to vocational rehabilitation systems and customers with disabilities, employment/ recovery within mental health systems of care, workforce development, WIA, and/or welfare reform affecting customers with disabilities, marketing and business services, and state level employment policies affecting citizens with disabilities. He has over 30 years direct service/administrative experience in delivering rehabilitation services and in community mental health. Joe has been on the staffs of the New England Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Program, Michigan State University Long -Term Training Grant in Psychiatric Rehabilitation as well as the University of Pittsburgh/Western Psychiatric Institute's National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training.

ICI publications by Joe Marrone

Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Helping People With Psychiatric Disabilities Get Employed: How Far Have We Come? How Far Do We Have to Go?


Comparison of VR Outcomes for Clients with Mental Illness across System Indicators

Issue 47 Research to Practice (12/2008)

Recovery with Results, Not Rhetoric

This report examines ways that the workforce development system can help people with psychiatric disabilities find good jobs. (1/2005)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title 1: Employment

Brief overview of the concepts and scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act, plus resource lists. (6/1998)

Columbia MetroWest Human Services: A Study of Persistence, Planning, and Producing Change

A case study of an organization that underwent a major transformation resulting in greatly expanded opportunities for individually focused employment and community support for people with developmental disabilities. (7/1998)

Select outside publications by Joe Marrone

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