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Carole Carlson

Training Associate

MA in Education, Edgewood College

Carole Carlson serves as a Training Associate for ICI and is currently working with the Think College Transition Model grant and the Personnel Prep grant in addition to supporting Bridgewater University as they develop the housing component for their ICE program.

Carole has worked with people with a variety of disabilities for 19 years, in the community, in their homes, at their jobs and in college. She recently moved to Boston from Madison, WI where she worked for the past 5 years for the Cutting-Edge program at Edgewood College. At the same time she also worked as an Employment Coordinator for a vocational agency and an independent contractor for Wisconsin’s MA waiver funded self-directed services program, providing individualized home and community coaching.

Carole is currently finishing her graduate studies in Adult Learning through Edgewood College’s online Master of Arts in Education program. She is very interested in systems change around the intersections of post-secondary academics, vocational supports and socially valued roles for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please visit her online portfolio at: https://sites.google.com/site/carolelcarlson/

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