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Anya Weber

Copywriter and Editor

B.A., Brown University

As the Marketing and Communications team’s copywriter and editor, Anya Weber is responsible for the quality and consistency of the ICI’s publications. Anya helps project groups create polished reports, grant proposals, fact sheets, brochures, and manuals. She also works with the rest of the Marketing and Communications team on website content, online courses, and a variety of other promotional and informational materials. Anya has written a screenplay and several stage plays, and applies her script-writing skills to the ICI’s videos. She holds a bachelor's degree in literature from Brown University, and taught English in China as a US Peace Corps Volunteer.

ICI publications by Anya Weber

Press Release: New Online Resource Trains Hospital Staff on Disability Inclusion

The ICI is pleased to announce its new online training: Inclusive Health Care. Inclusive Health Care is a disability-awareness training for hospital staff. (5/2013)

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities