Two ICI staff Spotlighted by the UMass Office of Community Partnerships

Congratulations to Allison Cohen Hall and Susanna Miller-Raines! Allison and Susanna are both featured in the 2022–2023 UMass Office of Community Partnerships’ Faculty and Staff Spotlight, Fostering Hope and Strength Now and for the Future, An Archive of Community-Engaged Work.

Allison Cohen Hall is featured for her work with ICI’s Guardianship Alternatives and Transfer-of-Rights (GATOR) project. GATOR keeps education professionals, families, and supporters of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) up to date about transfer-of-rights. GATOR centers people with IDD in its work. Allison shared:

“While there is still much work to do in this area, the more we support the voice of people with disabilities to be the guiders, the conveners, and the facilitators, the closer we are to more equitable and accessible communities.”

Susanna Miller-Raines is featured in the staff spotlight for her work with ICI’s Think College Inclusive Higher Education Network. With Think College, Susanna fosters partnerships with state and regional alliances to expand and improve inclusive higher education opportunities for students with intellectual disability.

Download the full Faculty and Staff Spotlight to learn more about exceptional staff and faculty at UMass Boston.