Check Out this World at Work Article in #evolve Magazine Featuring ICI’s David Hoff!

The article, Employees with IDDS, discusses the importance of eliminating stigma that surrounds employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) by sharing stories, providing supports, and hiring people with IDD.

Many of us feel frustrated with the slow progress of social justice movements. Though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed 32 years ago, people with disabilities still face discrimination in employment and in our communities. Progress may be slow, but it is happening. Disabled people have been fighting on the front lines for disability justice long before 1991. David shared:

“I view myself as being part of a social change movement, and what I realize in looking at social change [is that] absolutely nothing happens quickly. Nothing. You just have to chip away at it, because you can get very frustrated, but have to recognize that, especially since the passage of the ADA, the recognition of people with disabilities is still a relatively new concept. For decades they were secluded away, in institutions, not allowed to work, not allowed to really be in the community. And there are still massive public policy changes that could happen, but we do have to recognize that there is progress. It’s slow, but steady.”

The article also highlights the importance of sharing success stories and providing job supports, an important part of what we do here at the ICI. David mentions the role of business engagement in employment services:

“We need to understand the business, what it needs, the work culture, and then figuring out how the person fits in. It’s not very different from how all of us look for jobs. And then once we understand, we negotiate a bit so the company can overcome the hesitancy.”

Read the full article, Employees with IDDS, in #evolve magazine.