Inclusion Illuminated: Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement for emerging leaders in Africa

The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) has partnered with Humanity & Inclusion (HI) to introduce the Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement, a new professional fellowship program for African disability leaders committed to inclusive civic engagement.

Funded by the US Department of State, the program will support approximately 19 disability rights professionals (Fellows) from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia to participate in a 5-week Fellowship. Fellows will complete an individual Fellowship placement with a university-based research and education center for disabilities or similar host site organization in the US. During their stay, Fellows can also meet and spend time with American families and experience US cultural events.

The first Fellowship Exchange will be from September 30, 2022 – November 3, 2022 and the second Exchange will be May 5, 2023 – June 8, 2023.

What do Fellows do during their Fellowship in the US?

Fellows will select a key policy or practice issue related to disability and civic engagement in their home countries, which will provide a focus for their individual Fellowship placement training.

The ICI and HI help match Fellows with US Host site organizations that reflect their policy and practice interests and goals around inclusive civic engagement. First, Fellows attend an orientation in Boston. Then, they spend four weeks at the Fellowship placement training at a US Host site organization, which also includes weekly leadership seminars, mentorship, and community service.

Each Fellow’s policy or practice issue will inform the project they design and implement upon returning home.

What happens after the US Fellowship?

Eight carefully selected US Hosts will be approved to travel to their Fellows’ home countries for a 2-week period during which they will provide additional training, mentoring, and technical assistance to their Fellows.

“We’re honored and excited to implement this new fellowship program in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion to provide opportunities for a new generation of African disability leaders committed to inclusive civic engagement.” – Program Director, Dr. Heike Boeltzig-Brown

Fellowship Program staff include:

Institute for Community Inclusion:

Program Director, Heike Boeltzig-Brown, PhD

Heike Boeltzig-Brown

Program Coordinator, Christa Preston

Christa Preston

Humanity & Inclusion: East Africa Regional (EAR) Programme

Peris Mwangi, Program Manager, HI Kenya Country Office

Peris Mwangi

Andrew Namolo, Project Officer, HI Kenya Country Office

Andrew Namolo

Ryan Duly, Regional Director, HI Uganda Country Office

Ryan Duly

Humanity & Inclusion: Ethiopia Country Office

Abraham Seleshi, Senior Disability Inclusion Advisor, HI Ethiopia Country Office

Abraham Seleshi

This project is funded by the US Department of State. For more information, please visit: Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagement.