Get the Facts: Managing resources to help youth with disabilities transition from school to employment

Employment First Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment (MPTE) has released a series of fact sheets for family members and support providers of youth with disabilities who are transitioning to competitive integrated employment.

Get the Facts #1: Competitive Integrated Employment

People with disabilities can achieve competitive integrated employment and still receive ongoing job supports. Competitive integrated employment can include supported employment and customized employment. Supported employment can help employees who have significant disabilities and need extra support. Customized employment is a type of supported employment that involves matching an individual’s strengths to an employer’s needs. Learn more about competitive, integrated employment!

Get the Facts #2: Supported Decision Making

There are many different options and approaches to aid decision-making when young adults with disabilities reach 18. Decisions about supports should begin with a discussion between the person with a disability and their family. This Transition to Employment Supported Decision Making fact sheet offers key tips about how families can help young adults with intellectual disability and/or autism who may need decision-making supports.

Get the Facts #3: Employment First

When planning for adult services, families and employment support staff should encourage youth to consider employment before considering other options. But Employment First does not mean employment only! Read more about the Massachusetts Employment First movement.

Get the Facts #4: Chapter 688 Referrals

What is a Chapter 688 referral? A Chapter 688 referral from the school is a first step to connect with adult services, but it is not an application for service agency eligibility! Chapter 688 referrals help adult service agencies, schools, and families identify and plan ahead for important adult services students with severe disabilities may need. Learn more about Chapter 688.

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