ICI Staffer Presents on Progressive Employment and Career Pathways

ICI staff member Kelly Haines and Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation’s Janet Drudik presented at the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Association 2019 National Issues Forum, held in Richmond, VA. Kelly and Janet’s session, Progressive Employment — Assessment Practices for Upskilling/Backfilling Individuals Within Career Pathways, provided an overview of the progressive employment (PE) model as a strategy for conducting vocational evaluation and assessment in a work-based setting.

The PE model can meet the needs of both job seekers and businesses as a dual-customer strategy. “Nebraska’s application of PE as a tool for vocational evaluation and career assessment is a new angle for us to explore” said Haines.

Nebraska VR has also experienced success using the PE model as part of their Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities model demonstration grant, which focuses on career advancement for workers with disabilities in high-growth/high-demand industries.

To learn more about PE and vocational evaluation, career assessment, and career advancement, read the conference paper and access the presentation materials here.