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  1. New England Business Associates (MA): Everyone is Job-Ready
  2. Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in Tennessee
  3. School Days to Pay Days
  4. State Intellectual and Developmental Disability Agencies' Service Trends
  5. Supporting Employment Choices: Lessons Learned - Part II
  6. Supporting Employment Choices: Lessons Learned - Part I
  7. The Influential Role of the Job Developer: Increasing Self-Determination and Family Involvement During the Job Search
  8. The Institute for Community Inclusion to Partner with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan
  9. Trends in Employment Outcomes of Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2004–2011
  10. US and UK Routes to Employment: Strategies to Improve Integrated Service Delivery to People with Disabilities
  11. Washington: Collaborating with a Community College and a Supported-Employment Agency to Facilitate the Transition From High School to Community Employment
  12. Washington: Promoting public sector jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  13. What We Mean When We Talk About Inclusion
  14. Working Together to Convert the Last Sheltered Workshop in Vermont to Individualized Supports

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