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  1. 06/2006: Answers to Parents' Questions on Mental Retardation
  2. 06/2006: Creating Effective Business Partnerships: What Businesses Want Human Service Agencies to Know
  3. 06/2006: Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in Washington State
  4. 05/2006: Press Release: Dr. Laura Bozeman Named Director of the Regional Teacher Education Programs in Visual Impairments at UMass Boston (5/06)
  5. 04/2006: Massachusetts Employment and Disability Snapshot Report, 2000-2004 (Report 1)
  6. 04/2006: Policy Proposals for Improving SSDI, SSI, and Medicaid Work Incentives
  7. 03/2006: VR Outcomes for People with Spinal Cord Injury
  8. 01/2006: Community-Based Non-Work Services: Findings from the National Survey of Day and Employment Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities
  9. 01/2006: The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003 Report 3: Involvement of CRPs in the Ticket to Work and the Workforce Investment Act
  10. 10/2005: Home Depot Pays a Disabled Ex-Worker (New York Times)
  11. 10/2005: Press Release: As National Disability Employment Awareness Month Opens, Leaders Say Mass. Residents with Disabilities Can Turn the Tide of Labor Force Loss
  12. 10/2005: Press Release: UMass Boston M.Ed. in Special Education, Teacher of Visual Impairments Track Accredited by the Massachusetts Dept. of Education
  13. 09/2005: CommonHealth
  14. 08/2005: Employment Services and Outcomes of People Receiving Welfare Benefits and Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  15. 08/2005: The 30-Day Placement Plan: A Road Map to Employment (updated 2011)
  16. 07/2005: He Uses Thursdays to Bust Stereotypes (Boston Globe)
  17. 07/2005: Innovations in Employment Supports: Colorado's State Division of Developmental Services
  18. 06/2005: Diabetes and Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Services and Outcomes
  19. 06/2005: Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in New Hampshire
  20. 04/2005: Developing Community Partnerships to Reach Underserved Diverse Populations

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