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Press Release: New Online Resource Trains Hospital Staff on Disability Inclusion


Originally published: 5/2013

Boston, MA: The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at the University of Massachusetts Boston is pleased to announce its new online training: Inclusive Health Care. Inclusive Health Care is a disability-awareness training for hospital staff. Hospitals can purchase the training for use in their Learning Management Systems.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, but significant health disparities still exist for patients with disabilities,” says ICI Program Manager Sheila Fesko. “The US Department of Justice's new Barrier-Free Health Care Initiative is one measure to address this issue. Quality patient care requires individuals with disabilities to have equal access, as well as clear and respectful communication with hospital staff. Inclusive Health Care helps hospitals to meet these national standards.” Participants in the training learn how to:

To learn more about Inclusive Health Care and request a free demo of the training, visit inclusivehealthcare.org.

Inclusive Health Care is produced by the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). Since the 1960s, the ICI has been a national leader in disability research, advocacy, and training.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities