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Press Release: Ashley Wolfe Receives the 2011 Research in Action Award


Originally published: 9/2011

Contact: Quinn Barbour/Institute for Community Inclusion
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Ashley WolfeBoston, MA:The Arc of the United States has awarded Ashley Wolfe with the 2011 Research in Action award. Wolfe was presented with this for her significant contributions to Participatory Action Research efforts in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Her research and work has made her a respected member of the research field and this award is an acknowledgement by her colleagues and peers of her numerous contributions to I/DD research at ICI and Boston University. This is the first year that the Research in Action award has been given.

Wolfe substantially contributes to all aspects of project development and implementation at the ICI while also participating as a member of the Choosing Employment team and the Connecticut Employment First project. Her work has resulted in one peer-reviewed journal article, two Research-to-Practice briefs, one Tools for Inclusion article, and a presentation at the 2010 TASH New England Conference. Wolfe is also on a Participatory Action Research study at Boston University for youth with disabilities. She is a valued member of her research teams, an effective communicator, and a person with Down Syndrome.

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