Universal Course Design (UCD)

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Universal Course Design

Providing college and university faculty with strategies for Universal Course Design that are supportive of the learning diversities of all students.

This website describes, explores and provides tools for instructors interested in Universal Course Design (UCD). UCD is a concept developed by the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire in partnership with the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. This website is a product of the Equity and Excellence in Higher Education project.

On this website you will find tools for redesigning a college syllabus via the use of universally designed instructional strategies for instructors seeking to introduce a variety of teaching methods into their courses as well as UCD-inspired assessment strategies. Also included are suggestions for incorporating technology into the course designing process and a list of resources.

This website, and the tools contained within it, models the principles of UCD. Each tool has been universally designed in order to reflect the use of various instructional strategies. As you explore, you will come across examples of video, audio, digital photos, various software, in addition to examples of UCD presentations, teaching methods and assessments.

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We encourage you to explore the site and enjoy!!

Universal Design
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