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Social Security/benefits

Health care and financial benefits can make a big difference in a person's quality of life. However, requirements-- and perceptions-- can also stand in the way of a person's career goals. Written for a range of audiences, ICI materials explain options to keep benefits while working and also examine the policies themselves.

Publications related to Social Security/benefits

Massachusetts Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants: Know Your Rights! Get a Rent Freeze When You Go to Work

Resource Guide 10

A guide to help MA public housing tenants with disabilities keep their rent stable when they get a job.

Rent Freeze Basics for Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants Who Go to Work: A Guide for Mass. Community Service Providers

Resource Guide 11

For some tenants, rent freeze incentive policies can minimize the impact that increased earnings will have on rent. Under a rent freeze, when an eligible tenant gets a job after a period of unemployment, the rent will stay flat-- that is, not go up-- for a period of time. This companion guide explains the policies and eligibility guidelines.

Trends and Emerging Issues Regarding SSA/VR Reimbursements for SSI/SSDI Recipients

Research to Practice 43

This brief discusses the declining amount of reimbursement paid to public VR agencies from federal fiscal year (FFY) 2002 to FFY 2005 by considering the impact that fewer claims submitted and a rising SGA level may have on the amount of reimbursement paid.

SSA Work Incentives Enrollment, 1990-2004

Data Note 3, 2005

To encourage employment for individuals with disabilities, the Social Security Administration offers provisions that limit the impact of work on benefits. The September, 2005 Data Note displays the number of people enrolled in these work incentive programs.

Making It Easier to Go to Work: What the Changes at Social Security Mean to You

Tools for Inclusion 17

Recent changes to Social Security reduce the financial consequences of working for people who receive benefits. This publication explains the changes and how they impact people with disabilities who want to work.

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