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Alvaro Tobar

Instructional Media Manager

B.A., Education, UMCE, Santiago, Chile
M.Ed., Ecole Normale de Fontenay-Saint Cloud, Paris, France
M.Ed., Educational Media and Technology, Boston University

Alvaro Tobar is responsible for coordinating instructional media and technology at the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). His areas of expertise include education, technology integration, multimedia design, and video production. Alvaro runs the Institute's multimedia lab, where he designs and implements a range of accessible instructional technology strategies to meet projects' needs. Current tactics include webconferences, distance education courses, digital video, blogs, and podcasts. A native of Chile, Alvaro is fluent in three languages.

ICI publications by Alvaro Tobar

Communicating with people with disabilities - a video tutorial

Six video tutorials with supporting documents demonstrating how to communicate with people with disabilities. (3/2000)

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities