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Rick Kugler

Training Associate

B.A., Psychology, Rutgers University
M.S., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

Rick Kugler, MS, CPCP, CESP, has worked with people with disabilities for over twenty-five years. His work has included inpatient and residential settings, psychosocial/vocational programming, and community-based training seminars. He has managed grant-funded projects involving training and dissemination.

As an ICI training associate, Rick’s primary responsibility is to provide training and technical assistance to state vocational rehabilitation agencies, career centers funded through the U.S. Department of Labor, and community rehabilitation providers. He develops and delivers in-person and online training activities that focus on the employment of people with disabilities. Topical areas include ethics, evidence-based supported employment, earnings and disability benefits, disclosure of a disability on the job, and developing accommodations.

Before joining ICI, Rick was an instructor/employment consultant with the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation at the University of Medicine Dentistry of NJ (Rutgers). He was also a project director at Matrix Research Institute, where he was responsible for both the Employment Resource Center and the Social Security Work Incentives Project.

ICI publications by Rick Kugler

One-Stop Collaborations: The Key to Expanding Your Workforce Connections

Finding ways to collaborate with the mainstream workforce system can not only expand the opportunities for the people you serve but position your organization as a valuable resource to the workforce development system. (3/2008)

Quality Employment Services: Where Research and Practice Meet

Providing quality employment services to people with disabilities requires a substantial commitment of time, energy, and resources. Given this investment and our obligation to individuals with disabilities, we as providers must deliver the most effective services possible. (9/2007)

Creating Effective Business Partnerships: What Businesses Want Human Service Agencies to Know

While the primary customer of employment services for people with disabilities is the job seeker, placement services can only succeed if they meet the needs of business. This issue of MassWorks examines the “demand side” of job development. With a list of resources. (6/2006)


The issue of the MassWorks newsletter discusses MassHealth CommonHealth and the options it offers working people with disabilities. (9/2005)

AccessICI: What Do Employers Want?

The debut of ICI's podcast features an interview with employer liaisons Diane Loud and Rick Kugler, discussing ways to reach employers. (11/2006)

Select outside publications by Rick Kugler

Sulewski, J., Kugler, R., Kramer, J. (2010). Spreading a positive message about work, earnings and benefits through peer networking: Findings from the Peer Employment Benefits Network. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation. Vol. 32 Issue 3, p151-161, 11p.

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