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Melanie Jordan

Training Associate

A.A., Fisher Junior College
B.S., Lesley College

Melanie has worked at ICI since 1994. As a member of the Training and Technical Assistance Team, she has written numerous publications and led various projects focusing on the successful employment of individuals with disabilities. She has delivered training and workshops to a range of audiences on a variety of topics both locally and nationally. Her previous extensive direct service vocational roles include job development, job coaching, and case management. Melanie has also worked in special education, residential services, family support, and elder protective services.

ICI publications by Melanie Jordan

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Quality Employment Practices

It has been known for decades that individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including those with significant impairment or who have behaviors that others find challenging, can work when they are given appropriate supports (Smith, Belcher, & Juhrs, 1995). It is also clear that individuals with ASD can benefit from employment. Benefits include improved emotional state, greater financial gain, decreased anxiety, greater self-esteem, and greater independence (Mawhood & Howlin, 1999; Hurlbutt & Chalmers, 2004). Nonetheless, employment outcomes for individuals with ASD have traditionally been poor (Bilstedt, Gilberg, & Gilberg, 2005; Howlin, Goode, Hutton, & Rutter, 2004). Even those who do find work are often underemployed or do not hold onto jobs for a long period of time (Mawhood & Howlin, 1999). (12/2008)

Massachusetts Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants: Know Your Rights! Get a Rent Freeze When You Go to Work

A guide to help MA public housing tenants with disabilities keep their rent stable when they get a job. (1/2007)

Rent Freeze Basics for Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants Who Go to Work: A Guide for Mass. Community Service Providers

For some tenants, rent freeze incentive policies can minimize the impact that increased earnings will have on rent. Under a rent freeze, when an eligible tenant gets a job after a period of unemployment, the rent will stay flat-- that is, not go up-- for a period of time. This companion guide explains the policies and eligibility guidelines. (1/2007)

Starting with Me: A Guide to Person-Centered Planning for Job Seekers

A person-centered approach can help individuals with disabilities make satisfying job choices. This brief guides job seekers through a three-stage career development process that includes assessing their interests, researching the job market, and marketing themselves to potential employers. (7/2002)

Evaluating Your Agency and Its Services: A Checklist for Job Seekers with Disabilities

It is important to evaluate employment services and decide if you are getting the results that you are looking for. You should have high expectations! If you are currently using an agency for help with employment, this checklist can help you make sure you are getting what you need. (9/2002)

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