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Kimberly Johnson

Research Associate

Kimberly is a member of the research team at the Institute for Community Inclusion, where she contributes to the Model Demonstration to Improve Employment Outcomes for Individuals Receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits: The SGA Project. Prior to joining the ICI as a Research Associate, Kimberly worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Massachusetts Boston Department of Gerontology and at the National Council on Aging.
Kimberly holds a Masters degree in Gerontology and a Masters degree in Social Work with a consintration in Clinical Practice. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation entitled: Volunteering among surviving spouses: The impact of volunteer activity on the health of the recently widowed. Her research interest focus on the relationship between health and productive activity, the public policies and programs associated with economic security, and the ways of enhancing opportunities for social engagement and productive activity for all adults.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities