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Cecilia Gandolfo

Program Director

M.S.Ed.,& B.A. Psychology, Unversity of Rochester, Rochester, NY Certificate in Human Resources Management, Bentley College

Cecilia Gandolfo, M.S.Ed. has extensive experience in the rehabilitation and special education fields. She taught in New York state as well as Massachusetts. As the co-owner of a private rehabilitation agency for many years, she offered employment, education, and residential services to adults with a broad range of disabilities, including providing job placement and support services.

At the ICI, Cee is the Director of the New England TACE Center and a Program Director. She provides team leadership in the implementation of project activities as well as in the development of materials for workshops related to employment for people with disabilities. Cee has local, national, and international training exposure, and has co-authored employment-related training manuals, chapters, books, and articles. She is known for her dynamic presentation style engaging a broad range of audiences.

Cee has provided technical assistance locally and nationally on the implementation of better practices relating to employment for people with disabilities.

ICI publications by Cecilia Gandolfo

Networking: A Consumer Guide to an Effective Job Search

Based on an ICI training workshop, this brief teaches job seekers with disabilities how to become more proactive in their job search. (1/1999)

Redes de Contactos: Una Herramienta Eficaz Para Quienes Buscan Empleo

Buscar trabajo es difícil. En promedio se necesita hacer entre 10 y 20 llamadas para conseguir una entrevista y entre 7 y 10 entrevistas para conseguir un empleo. La formación y utilización de redes de contactos ayuda enormemente a acelerar este proceso. (1/1999)

Getting the Most from the Public Vocational Rehabilitation System

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency that is designed to help individuals with disabilities meet their employment goals. Vocational rehabilitation agencies assist individuals with disabilities to prepare for, get, keep, or regain employment. This publication answers questions frequently asked by individuals with disabilities. For consumers. (12/2004)

Demystifying Job Development: Field-Based Approaches to Job Development for People with Disabilities

Developing new job opportunities remains one of the most difficult tasks for employment professionals. This book provides the core strategies to successfully place people with disabilities in quality community jobs, highlighting social inclusion and natural supports, and focusing on what each person wants to do and can do now, rather than on what they need to change to become "job ready." (1/2000)

Teaching Networking Skills: Paving a Way to Jobs and Careers (Teaching manual)

This curriculum is for trainers working with individuals with limited work experience; its goal is to help those job seekers to become engaged in career and job exploration through Networking. It is designed for professionals working with school-to-work transition-age youth, however it has broad applicability to others with limited work experience. This curriculum give students opportunities to practice and put into use networking skills such as: identifying their own network, approaching people, talking about their skills and interests, learning about what employers look for, exploring careers and job options, and exhibiting good business etiquette. Activities vary to accommodate diverse learning styles, and trainers can select lessons that fit the needs of their groups. (8/2008)

Select outside publications by Cecilia Gandolfo

Butterworth, J., Gandolfo, C., Revell, G. & Inge, K. (2007). Community rehabilitation programs and organizational change: A mentor guide to increase customized employment outcomes. Washington, DC: Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor.

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Marrone, J., Gandolfo, C., Gold, M., & Hoff, D. (1998). Just doing it: Helping people with mental illness get good jobs. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 29(1), 37-48.

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