ICI publications by Susan Foley

A Common Path: Navigating Your Way to Successful Negotiations in the Workplace

Asking for job accommodations can feel intimidating, especially if an individual has decided not to disclose his or her disability. The good news is that this negotiation can be, in fact, rewarding and empowering. The Working It Out Together project asked experts for tactics to create win-win situations. (10/2002)

Developing Interagency Agreements: Four Questions to Consider

Recent legislation emphasizes collaboration between state agencies. A good interagency agreement is one tool that can assist collaboration and promote systems change. Researchers offer four important considerations for an effective agreement and a worksheet for agency personnel. (12/2001)

Advancing Parent-Professional Leadership: Effective Strategies for Building the Capacity of Parent Advisory Councils in Special Education

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, last amended in 2004 (IDEA 2004), encourages parents and educators to work collaboratively, emphasizing that as a team they are uniquely suited to make decisions that help improve the educational experiences and outcomes of children with disabilities. The Advancing Parent-Professional Leadership in Education (APPLE) Project was funded to develop the leadership skills of parents individually and within their communities. The project took place in Massachusetts, where school districts are required to have a special education parent advisory council (SEPAC). (4/2009)

Comparison of VR Outcomes for Clients with Mental Illness across System Indicators

Issue 47 Research to Practice (12/2008)

State Agency Systems Collaboration at the Local Level: Gluing the Puzzle Together, The Staff Perspective

Some states acknowledge the benefits of interagency collaboration but have trouble putting it into action. ICI researchers worked with local offices to help them improve the One-Stop Career Center network for people with disabilities. This brief gives an "in the trenches" view of tools that worked. (7/2004)

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