ICI publications by Sheila Fesko

Case Studies on the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act: Spotlight on Minnesota

The implementation of WIA requires major organizational change for employment and training agencies. These publications highlight findings from case studies in three states and identify how states have begun to collaborate and the subsequent impact on people with disabilities. (7/2002)

Conversion to Integrated Employment: Case Studies of Organizational Change Volume 3

Case studies of organizations that closed a sheltered workshop or segregated program and replaced it with integrated employment or other community-based activities for individuals with disabilities. These monographs analyze the change process to help other agencies pursue a similar goal. (8/2001)

One-Stop Centers: A Guide for Job Seekers with Disabilities

General information about the One-Stop system and answers to specific questions individuals with disabilities may have about One-Stop services. (2/2000)

Working It Out: Workplace Experiences of Individuals with HIV and Individuals with Cancer

This brief describes the experiences of individuals with these illnesses, underlines similarities and differences between the two groups, and provides strategies for disclosure, support, and personal advocacy in the workplace. (7/1999)

Asumiendo la realidad: VIH y cancer en el lugar de trabajo

Los avances en el tratamiento médico del cáncer y del VIH han permitido que cada vez más gente que los padece continúe trabajando o vuelva a trabajar. El presente informe presenta las experiencias vividas por personas que padecen alguna de estas enfermedades, describe las semejanzas y contrastes que se detectaron al estudiar estas experiencias e incluye algunas recomendaciones. (7/1999)

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