ICI publications by Heike Boeltzig-Brown

The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2004-2005 Report 1: Employment Outcomes of People with Developmental Disabilities in Integrated Employment

Where do people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities work? What are their hours, wages, and benefits? This brief covers partial results from a survey that gives a snapshot of the outcomes for recently employed people with developmental disabilities. (7/2006)

The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003 Report 3: Involvement of CRPs in the Ticket to Work and the Workforce Investment Act

This Research to Practice brief examines CRP participation in the Ticket to Work and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Findings showed that CRPs were more involved in WIA than the Ticket program. (1/2006)

Taking the Mystery Out of Customer Service

With the current emphasis on universal access to employment services for all members of the community, the workforce development field needs to evaluate service delivery. A "mystery shopper" program is one of many evaluation tools available to ensure continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. This technique allows organizations to collect data on the experiences of One-Stop Career Center customers from the customer perspective. The brief includes a sample shopper questionnaire. (10/2004)

Case Studies of Local Boards and One-Stop Centers: Tackling Fiscal Issues

This series of products offers practical solutions for Local Workforce Investment Boards and One-Stop Career Centers as they strive to serve all customers, including those with disabilities. In addition to service delivery, WIA encourages One-Stop partners to share in the operating costs of the One-Stop. While the potential benefits are clear, the practicalities can be complex. This brief shares some of the strategies that One-Stop partners have used to address this challenge. (9/2004)

US and UK Routes to Employment: Strategies to Improve Integrated Service Delivery to People with Disabilities

In this report, the authors examine the experience of the United States and United Kingdom in developing effective strategies for providing integrated service delivery. The report examines what works and what doesn't work, and provides a roadmap to improving services for individuals with disabilities. While more research is needed, the report identifies 12 strategies to strengthen integrated service delivery systems, and to assist individuals with disabilities in gaining and maintaining productive employment. Implementing these strategies can benefit clients, who have the opportunity to realize their potential more fully; the taxpayer, who is paying less for disability assistance; and society at large, which gains the productive skill of talented individuals

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