ICI publications by Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski

Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Outcomes for Transition-Age Youth with Intellectual Disabilities

Data Source: 2010 Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) 911 (6/2012)

Trends in Employment Outcomes of Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2004–2012

This report summarizes the employment and economic outcomes for young adults with intellectual disabilities between 2004 and 2012 in the nation’s 50 states and the District of Columbia (DC). Data are reported separately for two age groups: 16 to 21 years old, and 22 to 30 years old. The first age group includes young adults who may still be eligible for school services (through age 21), whereas the second age group includes young adults who have left the education system. (7/2014)

Effective Career Development Strategies for Young Artists with Disabilities

One potential arena of employment for young people with disabilities is the arts. This brief reports on effective strategies that 47 young artists with disabilities used to gain access to arts-related experiences in order to further their educational and career pathways. Across program years 2002–2005, these young artists, all aged 16 to 25, were finalists in the VSA arts/ Volkswagen of America, Inc. Program, an arts competition that was intended to showcase their talents and accomplishments. As part of the overall evaluation, we were able to identify career development strategies based on a review of finalists’ program applications. This brief is mainly targeted at visual artists, although the strategies may also apply to other groups of artists. (6/2008)

Press Release: Legislative Forum to Address Employment and Community Inclusion for People with Disabilities in MA

On Thursday, January 18, at 10:00 AM, the Institute for Community Inclusion, or ICI, will be presenting a legislative forum on employment and community inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in MA. The event will be held at the Massachusetts State House, and will be hosted by Representative Chris Walsh. (1/2018)

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