ICI publications by Institute for Community Inclusion

Barriers to Transition Planning for Parents of Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs

An examination of the transition planning experiences and concerns of family members of young adults with special health care needs. (12/1998)

Employing People with Disabilities: Small Business Concerns and Recommendations

Survey results from Massachusetts small businesses regarding hiring and employing people with disabilities. (8/1998)

Bridges to Inclusion: Supports for Youth At-Risk with Disabilities

This brief reports what ICI learned during a collaborative project with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston-based agency that serves runaway, homeless, and other at-risk youth. The collaboration included research, staff training, youth training, and case consultation. (7/1998)

More Like a Dance: Whole Life Planning for People with Disabilities

A useful reference on using person-centered planning to assist young adults in making the transition from school to adulthood. This system emphasizes the involvement of family, friends, and community members, with the student driving the process. The video shows the whole life planning process in action by depicting key aspects of the process and the experiences of three students.

The Institute for Community Inclusion to Partner with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan

he Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at UMass Boston is partnering with the Duskin Ainowa Foundation in Japan to launch a five-month intensive disability leadership training program for Japanese people with disabilities, ages 18–35.

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