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Massachusetts: Using a Collaborative, Person-Centered Planning Approach to Facilitate Community Employment

The Northeast Region Supported Employment Project was developed by the North Shore area office of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) in 2007. This pilot program, open to any individual with ID/DD who wanted to work, used a person-centered planning approach to achieving individuals’ goals for employment in the community. The project emphasized each individual’s choice of employment providers, collaboration with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and use of an independent facilitator to support career and life planning. The project was spearheaded by two DDS administrators, dedicated to communicating the value of community-based employment to the Department. (1/2010)

Oklahoma’s Outcomes-based Rate Setting System 

Promising practices: Oklahoma (1/2009)

The Maine Employment Curriculum: Delivering Best Practices for Employment Support Professionals

Promising Practices: Maine (1/2009)

Wisconsin's Job Development Mentors Project

Sponsored by Wisconsin's Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) through the use of Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) funds, Wisconsin's Job Development Mentors Project (JDMP) pairs three seasoned job developers with four community-based employment support providers that cover 12 counties throughout the state. JDMP is designed to create a state-wide infrastructure for professionals who are responsible for developing jobs for individuals in supported employment while at the same time, working towards increasing the pool of well-trained job developers around the state of Wisconsin. (6/2008)

Self-Determination: A Fundamental Ingredient of Employment Support

Persons with disabilities should direct their own job searches, from determining their interests and goals to researching employment opportunities to starting a new job. Doing so increases their sense of empowerment and can contribute to their employment success. Employment professionals have a facilitating role to play in the process. Job seeker self-determination practices should drive employment services' coordination, funding, and implementation. (8/2007)

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