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Necesidades Laborales de Individuos con VIH/SIDA: Proveedores de Servicios Opinan

Los individuos con VIH/SIDA a menudo se enfrentan a desafíos cuando se ocupan de cuestiones laborales relacionadas con su estado de salud. El presente informe resume las experiencias de las Organizaciones de Servicios Relacionados con el SIDA y de los servicios de rehabilitación vocacional en la prestación de servicios relacionados con el empleo a individuos con VIH/SIDA. (5/1997)

The Influential Role of the Job Developer: Increasing Self-Determination and Family Involvement During the Job Search

Job developers can influence decision-making during the job search and placement process. For a study exploring the employment decisions of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), researchers interviewed 16 individuals with IDD, their family members, and professionals involved in their job search. Participants were asked what factors, circumstances, or people affected their decisions about work. The job developer was consistently named the most influential person in the job-search process.

Maine's Peer- Support Training: Helping People with ID/DD Transition Out of Sheltered Workshops

Maine's Public Law Chapter 101 passed inIn 2006, a new Maine law and mandated the creation of a new Maine Care waiver program that promotes the expansion of supported - employment programs for people with intellectual and/ developmental disabilities (ID/DD). As a result, state funding for sheltered workshops was reduced for seven workshops and approximately 220 individuals throughout Maine during an 18-month period that ended in the summer of 2009.

The Power of Friendship

Friendship is important for all of us! This includes people with and without disabilities. People often feel better and happier when they have friends. As part of a research project about the choices people with disabilities make about work, we interviewed 16 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). These people also chose family members and professional staff people for us to interview. We asked them how they made decisions about working and making friends. (6/2011)

Vocational Rehabilitation Services Received by Youth with Autism: Are they Associated with an Employment Outcome?

While youth with autism represent a small percentage of all vocational rehabilitation (VR) closures, the number who closed out of VR more than tripled between 2003 and 2008 (see Institute for Community Inclusion Data Note 26). As increasing numbers of youth with autism are accessing VR services, it is important to understand how they are using these services and the relationship of these services to outcomes and costs. (12/2010)

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