ICI publications by Allison Cohen Hall

Working Together: Collaboration between Colorado’s Developmental Disabilities Division and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Promising Practice: Colorado (1/2009)

Carrie: Natural supports at work

Carrie is a woman in her forties who works in the kitchen of a small private school. This is her first job in the community. She enjoys reciprocal, caring relationships with several of her coworkers. The natural support of her colleagues has enabled her to be successful at her job and form friendships that extend beyond the workday. (11/2008)

Integrated Employment Outcomes Through Person-to-Person Technical Assistance: New Hampshire

New Hampshire implemented an innovative technical assistance model that promoted organizational change to expand individual employment opportunities. This person-to-person change began at the micro level but "trickled up" through organizations across the state. (1/2007)

Washington State's Working-Age Adult Policy

Washington's Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has recently issued a new policy which went into full effect on July 1, 2006. This policy "designates employment supports as the primary method of furnishing state-financed day services to adult participants." Emphasizing community employment as the primary service option, the policy further states that: "services for persons under the age of 62 that do not emphasize the pursuit or maintenance of employment in integrated settings can be authorized only by exception to policy" (WA DHSH, DDD, "County Services for Working Age Adults" Policy 4.11). Initially adopted in 2004, this policy does not eliminate sheltered employment or community access services; rather, it focuses supports towards gainful employment. (0/2007)

Case Studies of Local Boards and One-Stop Centers: Strategies for Maximizing Staff Competence When Supporting Job Seekers with Disabilities

This series of products offers practical solutions for Local Workforce Investment Boards and One-Stop Career Centers as they strive to serve all customers, including those with disabilities. One-Stops that effectively serve job seekers with disabilities spend energy and resources on staff development and training, although even with these efforts there continue to be concerns about One-Stop staff members' understanding of disability issues and employment. (10/2004)

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