ICI publications by Allison Cohen Hall

Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in Washington State

This is the second in a series of publications highlighting findings from case studies in three states that are recognized as high performers in integrated employment. Respondents discuss their success and how they handled challenges. (6/2006)

Case Studies of Local Boards and One-Stop Centers: Tackling Fiscal Issues

This series of products offers practical solutions for Local Workforce Investment Boards and One-Stop Career Centers as they strive to serve all customers, including those with disabilities. In addition to service delivery, WIA encourages One-Stop partners to share in the operating costs of the One-Stop. While the potential benefits are clear, the practicalities can be complex. This brief shares some of the strategies that One-Stop partners have used to address this challenge. (9/2004)

Innovations in Employment Supports: New Hampshire's State Division of Developmental Services

Between 1988 and 2001, New Hampshire's Division of Developmental Services transformed the state's day and employment services from a facility-based model to an inclusion model that supports 94% of its individuals in the community. This brief highlights several factors contributing to New Hampshire's employment outcomes. (5/2004)

Innovations in Employment Supports: Washington State's Division of Developmental Disabilities

As evidence of the positive outcomes associated with integrated employment develops it is important to identify policy and practices at the state level that expand access to employment opportunity. This brief presents findings from Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) case study research focused on state agencies that support individuals with developmental disabilities. (8/2003)

Case Studies on the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act: Focus on Co-location

The many changes mandated by WIA create opportunities and challenges. These lessons from the field offer practical solutions for state and local entities and are intended to stimulate discussion, creativity, and thoughtful planning among members of the workforce and disability communities. (1/2003)

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