ICI publications by David Hoff

Job Seekers with Disabilities at One-Stop Career Centers: An Overview of Registration for Wagner-Peyser Funded Employment Services

This data note explores how states vary in the number and percentage of job seekers with disabilities who register for services and identify as having a disability. In 2005, across all states and the District of Columbia, 3.1% of all job seekers were people who reported having a disability at registration (see table). The percentage of registered job seekers with a disability ranged from 0% in Washington D.C. to 8.3% in Delaware. The percentage of individuals identifying they have a disability has shown a steady increase over time, from 2.3% in 2002 to the 3.1% 2005 figure. In examining and interpreting this data, it is important to note that this data may not fully reflect the use of these services by people with disabilities, as it does not include individuals with non-apparent disabilities who have declined to identify that they have a disability. (2/2008)

Minimum Wage Increase: What It Means for People with Disabilities (UPDATED 2009)

This publication provides guidance to individuals with disabilities regarding the increase in minimum wage, with a particular focus on understanding who this increase applies to, the impact of the wage increase on public benefits, and how to deal with issues that may arise with employers. (7/2007)

Minimum Wage Increase: A Guide for Disability Service Providers (UPDATED 2009)

This publication provides guidance to service providers regarding the increase in minimum wage, with a particular focus on assisting consumers with questions and concerns they may have regarding the impact on their public benefits. (6/2007)

Making It Easier to Go to Work: What the Changes at Social Security Mean to You

Recent changes to Social Security reduce the financial consequences of working for people who receive benefits. This publication explains the changes and how they impact people with disabilities who want to work. (1/2003)

One-Stop Career Centers: Serving People with Disabilities

Why should a One-Stop Career Center serve people with disabilities? What are the requirements? What resources are available to help? This article provides guidelines and success stories for One-Stops in their quest for better services for all customers. (6/2002)

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