ICI publications by John Butterworth

Making Networking Easier for Job Seekers: A Guide

Networking is considered the most effective way to find a good job. However, sometimes people find networking difficult. This brief addresses common reasons why people might not be comfortable and offers possible solutions. Particular concern is paid to differences between cultures. (4/2005)

Job Networking in Diverse Communities

While individuals with disabilities face many obstacles when seeking employment, there are usually additional challenges for those from diverse cultures. To address this issue, ICI formed partnerships with community immigrant organizations to teach networking techniques to job seekers. (4/2005)

The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003, Report 2: Non-Work Services

The second in a series exploring the services people with developmental disabilities receive from community rehabilitation providers (CRPs). Despite recent ideological emphasis on work, the majority of CRPs continued to offer non-work programs and a substantial proportion of the people they served were involved in those programs. Overall, the findings raise questions about CRP commitment to community integration. (9/2004)

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