ICI publications by John Butterworth

From Paper to Action: State-Level Interagency Agreements for Supported Employment of People with Disabilities

The second of three studies conducted that investigated the extent and role of interagency agreements between state agencies that fund and provide supported employment supports and services for people with significant disabilities. (12/2002)

National Day and Employment Service Trends in MR/DD Agencies

To what extent have changes in philosophy translated into changes for state agencies and the people they serve? This brief analyzes MR/DD agencies' day and employment service trends from 1988 to 1999 and discusses relevant trends in policy and legislation. (7/2001)

Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes for People with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy: An Analysis of Trends from 1985-1998

This monograph examines trends in competitive labor market and sheltered workshops from state VR agencies between 1985 and 1998. Findings include increased competitive labor market closures and supported employment services, with a decrease in sheltered workshop closures. (0/2001)

Washington: Promoting public sector jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

King County's program to employ people with disabilities in county jobs is an example of Washington's commitment to the use of innovative approaches to increase integrated employment. In 1989, a training resource funded by Washington State and the county Division of Developmental Disabilities, O'Neill and Associates, submitted a grant application to the Rehabilitation Services Administration to develop public sector jobs for people with developmental disabilities within the state. These jobs were to be concentrated in King County (Seattle area) government because of the availability of high-paying jobs with benefits. With the political assistance of a King County councilor, the County approved a resolution to encourage county departments to hire people with developmental disabilities in 1990 (Mank, O'Neill, & Jenson, 1998). Over the past 15 years, this project has experienced tremendous expansion and replication.

Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in Tennessee

State intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities (IDDD) agencies vary widely in their investment in integrated employment as part of their overall day and employment supports. This brief is part of a series of publications highlighting findings from case studies in states that have developed initiatives to expand integrated employment. These products are intended to be a practical resource for other states as they work to help people with disabilities obtain and maintain gainful employment.

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