ICI publications by John Butterworth

Innovations in Employment Supports: Colorado's State Division of Developmental Services

Between the years of 1985 and 1996 Colorado experienced significant growth in integrated employment for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Several factors were consistently highlighted as contributing to Colorado's employment outcomes during this period. (7/2005)

High-Performing States in Integrated Employment

Despite recent improvements, community employment outcomes vary widely across states. This report highlights successful practices of states that were identified as "high performers" in integrated employment for people served by state MR/DD agencies. (2/2003)

Selecting a Payment System Under the Ticket to Work

The Ticket to Work program gives VR agencies several payment options. An agency's choice of payment systems is an important one, with significant financial implications. This white paper analyzed the experiences of New England states to develop guidelines for VR agencies. (8/2002)

Conversion to Integrated Employment: Case Studies of Organizational Change Volume 3

Case studies of organizations that closed a sheltered workshop or segregated program and replaced it with integrated employment or other community-based activities for individuals with disabilities. These monographs analyze the change process to help other agencies pursue a similar goal. (8/2001)

Work Status Trends for People with Mental Retardation, FY 1985 to FY 1998

National trends regarding extended employment (sheltered workshops) and competitive employment outcomes from state Vocational Rehabilitation systems between 1985 and 1998. (12/2000)

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