ICI publications by Cecilia Gandolfo

Taking the Mystery Out of Customer Service

With the current emphasis on universal access to employment services for all members of the community, the workforce development field needs to evaluate service delivery. A "mystery shopper" program is one of many evaluation tools available to ensure continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. This technique allows organizations to collect data on the experiences of One-Stop Career Center customers from the customer perspective. The brief includes a sample shopper questionnaire. (10/2004)

Community Rehabilitation Programs and Organizational Change: A Mentor Guide to Increase Customized Employment Outcomes

This manual is the result of T-TAP’s work with 15 community rehabilitation providers and 10 leadership organizations that served as mentors. It addresses the role of mentors in supporting organizational change and development, lessons learned from participating community rehabilitation providers about the change process, and provides tools and information to support the process of restructuring and developing capacity to expand integrated employment. The manual should be helpful both to organizations committed to improving employment outcomes and to organizations that are serving as formal or informal mentors to support a change process.

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