ICI publications by Jennifer Bose

Postsecondary Education as a Critical Step Toward Meaningful Employment: Vocational Rehabilitation's Role

Research shows that access to postsecondary education makes an enormous difference in the employability of people with disabilities. This brief focuses on the rehabilitation outcomes of people who received education supports from Vocational Rehabilitation agencies. (8/2001)

Making Networking Easier for Job Seekers: A Guide

Networking is considered the most effective way to find a good job. However, sometimes people find networking difficult. This brief addresses common reasons why people might not be comfortable and offers possible solutions. Particular concern is paid to differences between cultures. (4/2005)

Four Strategies to Find a Good Job: Advice from Job Seekers with Disabilities

An ICI study with job seekers revealed four strategies that can make it easier to find a job. (5/2003)

Characteristics of Effective Employment Services: The Consumers' Perspective

This monograph reports findings from a study investigating the experiences of people with disabilities who used a state agency to find a job. Researchers found five key components to effective service delivery: agency culture, consumer-directedness, access to resources, quality personnel, and coordinated services. (0/2001)

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