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Case Studies on the Implementation of the Workforce Investment Act: Spotlight on Minnesota

Case Studies 2

The implementation of WIA requires major organizational change for employment and training agencies. These publications highlight findings from case studies in three states and identify how states have begun to collaborate and the subsequent impact on people with disabilities.

One-Stop Career Centers: Serving People with Disabilities

OneStops.info Brief 1

Why should a One-Stop Career Center serve people with disabilities? What are the requirements? What resources are available to help? This article provides guidelines and success stories for One-Stops in their quest for better services for all customers.

WIA and One-Stop Centers: Opportunities and Issues for the Disability Community

Institute Brief 13

This brief gives a basic overview of the act and examines its impact on the lives of people with disabilities as well as the systems and organizations that assist them.

Provisions in the Workforce Investment Act Relating to Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability and the Development by the Governor of a Written Methods of Administration

Policy Brief 4

An outline of key provisions in the interim final regulations describing the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity responsibilities of the governor, WIA fund recipients, and programs and activities that are part of the One-Stop system.

Provisions in the Workforce Investment Act Describing the Interplay Between Workforce Investment Systems and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Policy Brief 1

This brief identifies the sections in Title I of the Workforce Investment Act that specifically reference the state VR program, individuals with disabilities, and organizations representing individuals with disabilities.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities