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Conversion to Integrated Employment: Case Studies of Organizational Change, Volume 1

Monograph 21

Case studies of organizations that closed a sheltered workshop or segregated program and replaced it with integrated employment or other community-based activities for individuals with disabilities. These monographs analyze the change process to help other agencies pursue a similar goal.

Unrealized Potential: Differing Outcomes for Individuals with Mental Retardation and Other Disability Groups

Research to Practice 13

A national study examined job search practices used by community rehabilitation providers and state vocational rehabilitation counselors. Employment outcomes for individuals with mental retardation are contrasted with those for individuals with other disabilities.

Responding to the Needs of Youth with Disabilities Who Are Runaway or Homeless

Research to Practice 7

Results from a national survey of Family Youth and Service Bureau-funded agencies regarding their knowledge of the needs of youth with disabilities who are runaways, homeless, or at risk for running away.

Trends in Supported Employment: The Experiences of 94 Community Rehabilitation Service Providers from 1986 - 1991

Research to Practice 4

A follow-back study (data from 1986 and 1991) examined service patterns of community rehabilitation providers for supported employment, competitive employment, and sheltered workshops.

Shared Responsibility: Job Search Practices from the Consumer and Staff Perspective

Research to Practice 2

A review of a national study of the job search practices used by community rehabilitation providers and independent living centers, focusing on the relationship between these practices and employment outcomes such as job satisfaction, wages, and hours.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities