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The Successes and Struggles of Closing a Facility-Based Employment Service

Research to Practice 20

A brief overview of findings from the Conversion to Integrated Employment monographs.

Barriers to Transition Planning for Parents of Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs

Research to Practice 19

An examination of the transition planning experiences and concerns of family members of young adults with special health care needs.

Grant Development and Decision-Making: Comparison of Funding Agencies and Community-Based Minority Organizations

Research to Practice 17

This report compares the perspectives of government funding agencies and community-based minority organizations on grant development and decision-making, and gives recommendations on how these groups can work together effectively to fund disability programs.

Disability Organizations' Perspectives on the Needs of Youth with Disabilities Who Are Runaway or Homeless

Research to Practice 16

Findings from a national survey of state-level disability organizations on issues regarding runaway or homeless youth who have disabilities.

Building Authentic Visions: How to Support the Focus Person in Person Centered Planning

Research to Practice 15

This brief summarizes research on behavior during a planning session that increased or decreased participation of the focus person. Recommendations challenge team members to think about how their own behavior influences the focus person's participation.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities