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Work Status Trends for People with Mental Retardation, FY 1985 to FY 1998

Research to Practice 25

National trends regarding extended employment (sheltered workshops) and competitive employment outcomes from state Vocational Rehabilitation systems between 1985 and 1998.

A Benefit-Cost Analysis Model for Social Service Agencies

Monograph 26

Public policy demands that we look not only at the effectiveness of social service programs, but also at their efficiency-- the extent to which a program's benefits outweigh its costs. This monograph presents a benefit-cost analysis model that considers both monetary and non-monetary factors.

Building a Future: Working with the Post-High School Expectations of Students & Parents

Research to Practice 22

This brief examined the circumstances that accompany high expectations for the future for Massachusetts high school students who receive special education services and their parents. Includes recommendations on how to build and fulfill students' goals for adulthood.

Asumiendo la realidad: VIH y cancer en el lugar de trabajo

Research to Practice - Issue #21S

Los avances en el tratamiento médico del cáncer y del VIH han permitido que cada vez más gente que los padece continúe trabajando o vuelva a trabajar. El presente informe presenta las experiencias vividas por personas que padecen alguna de estas enfermedades, describe las semejanzas y contrastes que se detectaron al estudiar estas experiencias e incluye algunas recomendaciones.

Working It Out: Workplace Experiences of Individuals with HIV and Individuals with Cancer

Research to Practice 21

This brief describes the experiences of individuals with these illnesses, underlines similarities and differences between the two groups, and provides strategies for disclosure, support, and personal advocacy in the workplace.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities