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SSA Work Incentives Enrollment, 1990-2004

Data Note 3, 2005

To encourage employment for individuals with disabilities, the Social Security Administration offers provisions that limit the impact of work on benefits. The September, 2005 Data Note displays the number of people enrolled in these work incentive programs.

What Do Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Cost?

Data Note 1, 2005

The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system can purchase a wide array of services to support employment. The February, 2005 Data Note summarizes the cost per VR case in fiscal year 2003. Costs varied widely according to disability type.

The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003, Report 2: Non-Work Services

Research to Practice 36

The second in a series exploring the services people with developmental disabilities receive from community rehabilitation providers (CRPs). Despite recent ideological emphasis on work, the majority of CRPs continued to offer non-work programs and a substantial proportion of the people they served were involved in those programs. Overall, the findings raise questions about CRP commitment to community integration.

Innovations in Employment Supports: Washington State's Division of Developmental Disabilities

Research to Practice 33a

As evidence of the positive outcomes associated with integrated employment develops it is important to identify policy and practices at the state level that expand access to employment opportunity. This brief presents findings from Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) case study research focused on state agencies that support individuals with developmental disabilities.

Medicaid Involvement in Employment-Related Programs- Findings from the National Survey of State Systems and Employment for People with Disabilities

Research to Practice 33

This brief analyzes data from ICI's National Survey of State Systems and Employment for People with Disabilities regarding the priority Medicaid agencies place on employment and their involvement in recent policy initiatives.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities