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Postsecondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Research to Practice 45

An overview of research on postsecondary education and options, with a bibliography and recommendations for improving access to college.

WIA Employment Outcomes

Data Note 6, 2006

The U.S. Department of Labor tracks several performance measures for people served in the One-Stop system. This Data Note focuses on people with disabilities in two funding categories. Data set: WIA.

Relationship Between SSI Recipients Who Work and State Unemployment Rate

Data Note 5, 2006

Many people who receive SSI benefits are unemployed. However, in 2004 the percentage of SSI recipients who were working varied considerably by state. To understand this variation, researchers correlated the percentage of employed SSI recipients with 2004 state unemployment rates. Data set: SSA.

Trends and Emerging Issues Regarding SSA/VR Reimbursements for SSI/SSDI Recipients

Research to Practice 43

This brief discusses the declining amount of reimbursement paid to public VR agencies from federal fiscal year (FFY) 2002 to FFY 2005 by considering the impact that fewer claims submitted and a rising SGA level may have on the amount of reimbursement paid.

Massachusetts Employment and Disability Snapshot Report, 2000-2004 (Report 1)

Research Report

This is the first in an annual series of snapshot reports on the employment of people with disabilities in Massachusetts. It offers an overview of trends in employment of people with disabilities for people with disabilities, advocates, policymakers, researchers, and other interested parties.

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