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Pushing the Integrated Employment Agenda: Case Study Research in New Hampshire

Case Studies 14

Employment for people with severe disabilities was legitimized in P.L. 99457. However, some states have made more progress than others in helping individuals with disabilities achieve successful employment outcomes. New Hampshire was identified as a "high-performing" state based on criteria aimed at assessing overall commitment to community inclusion. This case study examines the reasons behind the state's success.

The National Survey of Community Rehabilitation Providers, FY2002-2003, Report 1: Overview of Services and Provider Characteristics

Research to Practice 35

Two briefs examine the services people with developmental disabilities receive from community rehabilitation providers (CRPs). Despite recent emphasis on work in the disability field, people with DD were predominantly in sheltered employment or non-work services. Of people with DD in integrated employment, the majority had individual competitive jobs. However, three group employment models had above-average percentages of individuals with DD.

Patterns of State, County, and Local ID/DD Funding Allocation

Data Note No. 24, 2009

State, County, and Local ID/DD dollars are one of the largest sources of funds for day and employment services; additionally as a funding source that is directly controlled within each state it is one of the most flexible sources of dollars for day and employment services. As Figure 1 shows, the allocation of these funds varied based upon year and service category: integrated employment, community based non-work, facility based work, and facility based non-work.

Tracking Employment and Day Support Participation and Outcomes in State Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability Agencies

Data Note 20, 2008

Data set: The 2007 National Survey of Day and Employment Programs Institute for Community Inclusion, State Data Project

WIA Employment Outcomes and Trends

Data Note No. 19, 2008

WIA Employment Outcomes and Trends

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