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Publications related to E-Government for All

Press Release: Institute for Community Inclusion Bridges Digital Divide

New Study Identifies Effective Ways to Increase Internet Use Among Hard-to-Reach-Groups

In both the United States and the United Kingdom, some hard-to-reach groups are excluded from online government services and transactions (e-government) through lack of access. This publication identifies technical and social barriers currently limiting access to e-government as well as suggested solutions. By presenting six case studies, Boeltzig and Pilling provide ten recommendations to increase access to and use of the Internet among the hard-to-reach.

Press Release: New Report from ICI on Routes to Employment in US and UK - Strategies to Improve Integrated Service Delivery

In the United States and the United Kingdom there are large numbers of working age people with disabilities who are not working and claiming benefits: 10.6 million in the US and 2.64 million in the UK. This report has identified strategies that Public Employment Services activities in both the US and the UK have used in delivering services in a way that meets the more complex employment support needs of people with disabilities within systems designed for the “universal” job seeker as well as investigating how effective these strategies are in reaching that goal.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities