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Quality Employment Services: Will You Know It When You See It?

Institute Brief 11

Guidelines and steps for people with disabilities to evaluate agencies in order to receive services that best meet their individual needs.

Columbia MetroWest Human Services: A Study of Persistence, Planning, and Producing Change

A case study of an organization that underwent a major transformation resulting in greatly expanded opportunities for individually focused employment and community support for people with developmental disabilities.

Grant Development and Decision-Making: Comparison of Funding Agencies and Community-Based Minority Organizations

Research to Practice 17

This report compares the perspectives of government funding agencies and community-based minority organizations on grant development and decision-making, and gives recommendations on how these groups can work together effectively to fund disability programs.

Mass Bay Employment Services (a service of Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.): A Story of Leadership, Vision, and Action Resulting in Employment for People with Mental Illness

The story of an organization, working with people with serious mental illness, that made enormous strides in a very short time in moving from a non-employment-oriented day program to one that had employment as its primary goal.

Conversion to Integrated Employment: Case Studies of Organizational Change, Volume 1

Monograph 21

Case studies of organizations that closed a sheltered workshop or segregated program and replaced it with integrated employment or other community-based activities for individuals with disabilities. These monographs analyze the change process to help other agencies pursue a similar goal.

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