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Making Experiential Education Accessible for Students with Disabilities

Institute Brief 19

College students with disabilities enter with less work experience and have a harder time finding jobs than their nondisabled peers. Experiential education-- mentoring, internships, job shadowing, and so on-- can create a bridge to graduation and employment. However, that requires college professionals to consider access issues for all students. A new Institute Brief provides basic disability awareness information, suggests ways to create welcoming career offices, and offers ideas to increase access to experiential education.

Guide to Accessible Transportation in Bristol and Plymouth Counties (Massachusetts)

Resource Guide 7

This guide concentrates on transportation operating through the Greater Attleboro/Plymouth/Onset and New Bedford/Fall River areas of Southeastern Massachusetts. Thirty-five private transportation providers, four public transit providers, three paratransit providers, and two commuter rail systems are included, as well as nine hotels/motels. The information was compiled by Donna Kulpa as part of the Barbara Wilensky Gopen Memorial Fellowship.

Taking the Mystery Out of Customer Service

Institute Brief 18

With the current emphasis on universal access to employment services for all members of the community, the workforce development field needs to evaluate service delivery. A "mystery shopper" program is one of many evaluation tools available to ensure continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction. This technique allows organizations to collect data on the experiences of One-Stop Career Center customers from the customer perspective. The brief includes a sample shopper questionnaire.

Four Strategies to Find a Good Job: Advice from Job Seekers with Disabilities

Tools for Inclusion 18

An ICI study with job seekers revealed four strategies that can make it easier to find a job.

A Common Path: Navigating Your Way to Successful Negotiations in the Workplace

Tools for Inclusion 16A

Asking for job accommodations can feel intimidating, especially if an individual has decided not to disclose his or her disability. The good news is that this negotiation can be, in fact, rewarding and empowering. The Working It Out Together project asked experts for tactics to create win-win situations.

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