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Publications related to Organizational change

Columbia MetroWest Human Services: A Study of Persistence, Planning, and Producing Change

A case study of an organization that underwent a major transformation resulting in greatly expanded opportunities for individually focused employment and community support for people with developmental disabilities.

Bridges to Inclusion: Supports for Youth At-Risk with Disabilities

Roses and Thorns from the Grassroots: A Series Highlighting Organizational Change in Massachusetts

This brief reports what ICI learned during a collaborative project with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston-based agency that serves runaway, homeless, and other at-risk youth. The collaboration included research, staff training, youth training, and case consultation.

Mass Bay Employment Services (a service of Bay Cove Human Services, Inc.): A Story of Leadership, Vision, and Action Resulting in Employment for People with Mental Illness

The story of an organization, working with people with serious mental illness, that made enormous strides in a very short time in moving from a non-employment-oriented day program to one that had employment as its primary goal.

Integrated Employment Outcomes Through Person-to-Person Technical Assistance: New Hampshire

New Hampshire implemented an innovative technical assistance model that promoted organizational change to expand individual employment opportunities. This person-to-person change began at the micro level but "trickled up" through organizations across the state.

Shifting Resources Away from Sheltered Workshops in Vermont

Over six years, regulations in Vermont gradually restricted and eventually prohibited the use of state funds for sheltered workshops or enclaves. Concurrent with the change in funding regulations, the state worked with providers to convert the remaining sheltered workshops in Vermont.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities