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Helpful Hints: How to Fill Out a Winning PASS Application

Tools for Inclusion 9

This brief uses the story of one career woman to illustrate how to apply for and use a PASS (Plan for Achieving Self Support), a Social Security program that allows people receiving SSI to maintain benefits as they start working.

Understanding the SSI Work Incentives

Tools for Inclusion 8

Information about Social Security Administration programs that can help people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to retain benefits that can support and ensure long-term employment.

Consejos Utiles: Como diligenciar un PASS que de resultados

El PASS es un programa ofrecido por la Social Security Administration (Administración de Seguridad Social) para ayudar a las personas que reciben SSI (Ingresos Suplementarios de Seguridad Social). El presente documento utilizará la historia de Daniela para ilustrar el PASS en mayor detalle.

Provisions in the Workforce Investment Act Describing the Interplay Between Workforce Investment Systems and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Policy Brief 1

This brief identifies the sections in Title I of the Workforce Investment Act that specifically reference the state VR program, individuals with disabilities, and organizations representing individuals with disabilities.

A Description of the Workforce Investment Act from a Disability Policy Perspective

This paper describes the major sections in title I of the Workforce Investment Act and the implementing regulations and guidance issued by the Department of Labor to highlight key references of particular relevance to persons with disabilities.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities