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Pervasive Developmental Disorders: PDD-NOS, Aspergers Disorder, and Autism, A Parent Information Booklet

Resource Guide 3

General background information and answers to common questions on PDD and Aspergers Disorder.

Shared Responsibility: Job Search Practices from the Consumer and Staff Perspective

Research to Practice 2

A review of a national study of the job search practices used by community rehabilitation providers and independent living centers, focusing on the relationship between these practices and employment outcomes such as job satisfaction, wages, and hours.

Utilizing All Your Resources: Individuals with and Without Disabilities Volunteering Together

Resource Guide 1

This manual discusses strategies for enabling individuals with and without disabilities to volunteer together in their communities for fun and civic service. Topics covered include recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers; handling challenges; and managing liability.

More Like a Dance: Whole Life Planning for People with Disabilities


A useful reference on using person-centered planning to assist young adults in making the transition from school to adulthood. This system emphasizes the involvement of family, friends, and community members, with the student driving the process. The video shows the whole life planning process in action by depicting key aspects of the process and the experiences of three students.

Family SupportNet News: Issue 3


Newsletter from Family SupportNet, an ICI project that helped people with disabilities and their families from diverse communities to access resources online.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities